Leisure | Six ways to spend time outside this summer

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Image: Ürsula Madariaga

Get outside this summer! Connect your hands with the dirt, get your legs moving, and bask in the sun. If you are unsure where to start, try one of these ways below. These can be done in almost any area with a little google search and a map. 

1. Set up your outside dining table and eat your meals outside

  • tip: patio furniture is abundant in online spaces like facebook marketplace
  • tip: use blankets, pillows, and your indoor plants to set up an outdoor oasis. Some plants will enjoy their outdoor vacation.

2. Plan a walk on the weekend to your nearest nature reserve. If you don't have one of those, find a local landmark like a fountain.

3. Grab a field guide and identify the different flora in your area. Better yet, if you are planning to travel this is a great trick to get to know the area's topography.

 4. Volunteer a couple of hours a week at a local farm or urban farm.

  • tip: sometimes times you will be able to take home fresh goodies!

5. Plant your own food or plant in a pot on the balcony or create a little garden in your yard.

  • tip: notate the hours of sun you have available in your desired spot and google if what you are planting will get adequate shine. 

6. Find an outside music venue or live music in a park; bring a blanket, bring some food and beverages (if allowed), and have yourself a good time.

Happy summer!

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